Kyle Kuzma Dragged By Fans For Seemingly Voicing Support For Kyrie Irving

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It’s been over four years since Kyrie Irving was roundly mocked for publically buying into the “Flat Earth Theory” that was basically debunked by Pythagoras all the way back in 500 B.C.—a claim he eventually walked back after admitting he was convinced that was the case because he watched a bunch of videos on Instagram.

That’s far from the only time Irving has voiced or endorsed some questionable beliefs, as he’s routinely come off like the kind of guy who got way too into conspiracy theories after watching Zeitgeist on YouTube and taking the widely-debunked “documentary” as gospel.

As a result, it’s not necessarily surprising that Irving’s tendency to “do his own research” and “come to his own conclusions” while cherrypicking information from dubious sources has come back to bite him yet again. However, it’s safe to say he leaped over the line at the end of October when he implicitly threw his support behind a book (and movie adaptation) filled to the brim with antisemitic language and accusations against the Jewish people that are as tired and unfounded as they are troubling.

The Nets subsequently found themselves dealing with yet another off-the-court headache as Irving proceeded to do some of the shoddiest damage control possible.

He attempted to atone for his actions by pledging $500,000 to the Anti-Defimation League only for the ADL to announce its decision to reject the donation after he refused to explicitly say whether or not he thinks he’s antisemitic, which resulted in Brooklyn suspending him for a minimum of five games on Thursday (a move that led to Irving finally issuing a real, actual apology plenty of people are understandably hesitant to accept).

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal roundly criticized Irving earlier this week, and those comments were endorsed by another NBA legend when Kareem-Abdul Jabbar gave them his seal of approval.

Unfortunately, the silence from current NBA players about the situation has been somewhat deafening—and one of them didn’t do himself many favors when he seemingly chimed in on Friday.

Kyle Kuzma gets ripped after seemingly endorsing his support for Kyrie Irving shortly before urging people to “spread love”

On Friday, Kyle Kuzma made a very interesting decision to post a tweet where he bemoaned you “Can’t even tell the truth no more” around 30 minutes before he urged his followers to “spread love.”

There’s no way to definitively prove the first tweet was in reference to Irving (the best-case scenario is that the Wizards forward fell victim to a crippling inability to read the room), but that didn’t prevent plenty of NBA fans from assuming that was the case and subsequently tearing into him over the ill-advised message.

That included multiple people who pointed out it wasn’t a great look for Kuzma when you consider his Israeli-born teammate Deni Avdija is currently the only Jewish player on an NBA roster.

Others opted to call out Kuzma for committing an easily avoidable unforced error.

This is just the latest reminder it never hurts to follow the number one rule of Twitter: Never Tweet.

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