Ex-NFL RB Larry Johnson Attacks Dwyane Wade For ‘Sacrificing’ The Transgender Child He Had Outside Of Marriage

Ex-NFL RB Larry Johnson Attacks Dwyane Wade For Sacrificing His Child

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On Tuesday, former NBA star Dwyane Wade appeared on Ellen to discuss how he embraces and supports his 12-year-old’s gender identity.

Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union both came publicly this week in strong support of Zaya Wade, the child whom Wade had with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches.

This important moment for Wade’s family proved to be too much for former NFL running back Larry Johnson, who has taken issue with Wade in the past, and is well-known for spouting batshit crazy nonsense on social media about the Illuminati, the occult, the NFL and NBA’s “effeminate agenda” that is being pushed, and anything else that pops into his not at all CTE-damaged head.

Back in December, Johnson accused Wade and his family of being freemasons who “believe in sacrificing a child or their child to the doctrines of demons, doing what he’s told for worldly wealth.”

On Tuesday, he was back at it, responding to a video of Wade’s appearance on Ellen, tweeting, “Wade fathered another child outside of his marriage. Gabby, tho suffering multiple miscarriages, signed petition in protest of ‘HB481’. Black trans teens suffer higher risks of suicide/ideation. As a FATHER, I look to The Most High God, I don’t whore after the Baphomet.”

Naturally, Johnson got what he wanted from the Twitterverse – a strong reaction – including a surprising number of which actually supported his stance.

Watch Wade’s entire segment on Ellen below where he also talks about the passing of his friend Kobe Bryant and decide for yourself if Wade is part of the Illuminati.

Wade’s son Zaire also expressed his sincere support and love for Zara following the show.


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