Mark Schlereth Criticizes Odell Beckham Jr.’s National Championship Antics, Says LSU Shouldn’t Let Him Around If He’s Going To Act Like A Moron

odell beckham jr

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Somehow, but not surprisingly, Odell Beckham Jr. and his antics at the national championship game is what everyone is talking about instead of LSU completing one of the greatest seasons in college football history with its win over Clemson.

Because, if we all know one thing, OBJ is simply always there, making his presence both seen and felt. The man has been there during incredible historic events even, it’s true.

It all started with him being escorted out of the stands by police after trying to pay LSU’s band to play ‘Neck.’ Then, following the game, he started handing out cash to players on the field before making his way into the team’s locker room and smacking a cop’s ass after the officer told players to stop smoking cigars. That little move has resulted in New Orleans’ Police Department issuing a warrant for his arrest.

Again, it’s always the OBJ show, no matter the situation.

Three-time Super Bowl champ Mark Schlereth spoke on FS1’s ‘Speak For Yourself’ about Beckham Jr.’s behavior and offered a pretty opinionated statement on how his alma mater should handle OBJ from here on out: if he keeps acting like a moron, don’t let him around the program.

That sounds like a pretty strong plan to me. Having one of the most famous athletes on the planet represent your school sounds good in theory, but it’s been nothing but horrible publicity since Monday night when Beckham Jr. decided to be, well, Beckham Jr. in the Superdome.

He played three seasons for the Tigers in Baton Rouge from 2011 to 2013 scoring 12 touchdowns on 143 catches in his 40 games played for LSU.