Matt Barnes Is Pissed Derek Fisher ‘Wanted To Run And Tell The Cops And NBA’ About Their Fight Over Gloria Govan

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Its been awhile since we’ve heard about that whole Matt Barnes-Derek Fisher fight that took place a month or so ago when Barnes, allegedly, drove 95 miles to his estranged wife’s house to try and fight Fisher, but that doesn’t mean the story is completely over.

When further details broke about what happened a few days later, fans learned what made the star baller so pissed off—and understandably so, seeing as how Fisher was/still is banging Gloria Govan, Barnes’ ex.

Barnes, though, isn’t about to let this thing die quietly, as he keeps taking shots at the New York Knicks head coach, via Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times:



I mean, Fisher was about to get his face smashed by Barnes, so how in the hell else would someone handle that situation? Talking it out and coming to an understanding doesn’t really seem reasonable, so Fish probably made the right call by telling the cops and league how Barnes turned into the Hulk.

With a former teammate banging an ex-wife, this Fisher-Barnes-Govan story will never get old, so I hope more and more gasoline gets tossed onto the fire over the course of the NBA season.

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