Matt Barnes Is Still Pissed Derek Fisher Robbed His Wife, Leaves Spiteful Message On Fisher’s Instagram Post


So to recap: Fisher is fucking Barnes’ ex-wife, star of ‘Basketball Wives LA,’ and mother of Barnes’ two kids. After hearing the news in October, Barnes traveled 95 miles to Los Angeles to beat the shit out of Fisher, which earned him a two-game suspension.

Fischer didn’t help things when on Mother’s Day last year, he posted a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ post with his new girlfriend and Barnes’ kids. Holy shit, the balls.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Fisher addressed the struggles he endured by stealing his ex-teammates wife and how that affected his tenure with the Knicks.

“My life has gotten easier over the last several months,” Fisher told Bleacher Report earlier this month, “because there was so much judgment made and assumption passed through this situation that people read about on me, my character and my integrity that isn’t true. So it has made it easier for me to focus on me.

“We were doing a lot of really good things with the Knicks. That’s what bothers me. The good that was being done got overshadowed by opinion, actually—inaccurate opinion about a personal matter. Nobody really knows what happened, because there’s been just noise about what happened.”

“One of the challenges for all of us was we were in the basketball department under the umbrella of Phil Jackson and who he was and who he is and what he was able to do as coach and leader,” Fisher said. “Then [when you’re] asking me as a head coach in a sense not to create the same results, but take the same system or way of playing and try and teach these guys how to play it—and utilize it in similar ways as when he taught it—I think at times it was more challenging for our players to really understand, ‘Who am I committing myself to? Who am I selling myself to? Who am I running through the brick wall for?’”

P.S. Completely unrelated but throwback to the exact moment I dropped my hatred for Kobe and began to revere him.

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