Former Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Got Bodybagged By Dwayne Bowe In Hilarious Exchange

Matt Cassel Got Bodybagged By Dwayne Bowe In Hilarious Exchange

Getty Image / Dilip Vishwanat

  • Former Kansas City Chiefs QB and WR Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe used to be a deadly combination against AFC defenses
  • Dwayne Bowe was speculating online what his numbers would be if he had Mahomes as his QB instead of Cassel and unintentionally bodybagged Matt who was just trying to live his life
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Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has been retired since 2015 and Matt Cassel hung up his pads in 2018 after lingering as a backup for several years. But those two were ELECTRIC in 2010 (and 2008) when they linked up for 15 touchdowns. Bowe had 1,000+ receiving yards in 3 seasons with Cassel.

But the history and chemistry between those two didn’t stop Dwayne Bowe from daydreaming on Twitter about what might’ve been if he had Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback instead of Matt Cassel. He fired off an unintentionally hilarious tweet about what might’ve been. Matt Cassel then saw this tweet and was ‘catching strays’ while trying to go sledding with his kids in retirement.

This Dwayne Bowe-Matt Cassel exchange is something I’d expect to see in the offseason but it’s been a pretty hilarious distraction during the NFL Playoffs Divisional week. Cassel handled it like a champ and made a few jokes about it.

Former Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Got Bodybagged By Dwayne Bowe

Here’s how it all went down, tweet by tweet…’no offense’ is the icing on the cake here.

Boom, roasted.

Matt Cassel was just out there trying to live his life and got this bomb dropped on him. Kansas City fans found the entire exchange pretty hilarious.

Fans Joke About Cassel-Bowe Exchange On Twitter

I really enjoyed Matt Cassel in 2010 when I had him on my fantasy team. And I think I like him more even know after seeing him hold a big ol’ brown trout in his Twitter profile pice. Dwayne Bowe also seems to be unintentionally hilarious. We need to get these old teammates a reality show.