Metta World Peace Used To Take Breaks From Practicing His Ball Skills At 13 By Learning To Cook Crack

I lost a lot of respect for Metta World Peace when he changed his name from Ron Artest unironically. I didn’t stop liking him, I just could hold someone named Metta World Peace to the same pedigree of reverence as other players. At the same time, I just gained a lot of respect for Highly Questionable after this segment. I’m happy to see them moving away from the “We’re a sports show that you should watch only because we have a little Spanish dude who speaks broken English sitting between us” shtick and actually giving viewers something with substance.

All that being said, cooking crack at 13 is pretty bananas. If Metta World Peace is known for nothing else, I will always remember him for getting into the drug game earlier in life the former reigning face of crack slinging.


This is actually the second story in two days we’ve brought you about professional athletes struggling to balance their dreams of getting off the streets with sports with the sad reality of life on said streets. If anything, this kind of hammers home the importance of athletics for kids as a way to keep them out of trouble. So, I have to give props to Metta World Peace for making it out of the hood, but I also just can’t give props for that name. So he breaks even. Still not bad. Listen to the whole interview here: