Metta World Peace Filed A Restraining Order Against A Psycho Stalker Chick And My God She Belongs In A Straight Jacket

Some say the true measure of a celebrity is if you’re widely recognized in public. But in 2016, the age of Vine “stars” and Instagram “models,” I think that definition is too inclusive. You know you’ve made it in 2016 when you got a psycho stalker chick who molds her life entirely around yours. You’re an A-lister if she’s got an anatomically correct wax statue of you in her bedroom. Extra points for a skin suit.

With that logic, Ron Artest (I prefer to call him by the name he went by when he punched a fan in the face, #WorldPeace), may be ascending tone the biggest stars on the planet.

According to TMZ, Artest has obtained a restraining order against a psycho woman who has targeted he and his family using some frightening tactics.

Miesha Shakes, who Artest claims is a stranger, has been harassing him in a series of disturbing emails dating back to 2015, including one that read, “I apologize in advance, I’m going out with a bang. This will be the worst thing to ever happen in Westwood. Call cops I’m ready.”

Court documents also reveal that the woman accused him of raping women, threatened him with a knife, and threatened to attack his car.

Miesha proved to be far more than a keyboard warrior, as she allegedly showed up to his building and threw a brick through a window before slashing his car tires. Artest also claims she physically attacked his 19-year-old daughter and “was waiting outside for my 13 yr old daughter after school.”

If there’s any humor in this dicey situation, it’s the restraining order document that Artest filed, obtained by TMZ.

We can only hope this all gets ironed out and we can all live in world Peace.

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Gas up the car, Miesha! Looks like a road trip is in order!

[h/t TMZ]

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