How About Mike Francesa Not Wrapping His Head Around The Concept Of NYCFC

I’ll start with this: I’m a big Mike Francesa fan. He’s hilarious, crass, opinionated and knows what he’s talking about. He’s like a more refined Chris Christie if you removed everything about Chris Christie and replaced it with likable characteristics. That being said, I also consider Francesa to be like a grandfather. He’s wise, seasoned and experienced but there are some things he says that make absolutely zero sense and sometimes it seems as if he forgot to take his pills that morning.

Take this incident today when Francesa completely botched what I’m assuming was a 10 second plug for a NYCFC promotion that deteriorated into 2+ minute disaster as he tried to understand who NYCFC was and why he was talking about them. (Spoiler: Someone tries to tell him where Yankee stadium is. Goes horribly.)

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