Muay Thai Fighter Knocks Out Opponent AND Referee At The Same Time In Wild Match

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We’ve seen some incredible things in the octagon from all corners of the earth in the last month. Like two weeks ago when Yair Rodriguez knocked out his opponent with a devastating upward elbow at the buzzer to secure victory. Or an MMA fighter from South Korea pompously exiting the tunnel singing a god awful Imagine Dragon’s song before getting his ass handed to him. Or Shaquille O’Neal getting choked out by a 115-pound female fighter.

Quite possibly the most electric moment in the octagon in quite some time occurred at a Max Muay Thai event in Thailand where Chinese star Gou Dakui knocked out Thailand’s Super x Sitsontidech in a second-round TKO victory. En route to victory, the 25-year-old accidentally smashed the referee’s head with a head kick, dropping him to the canvas while Dakui pranced around the ring celebrating.

Check it out below.

I don’t know why it took Dakui 30 seconds to check up on the referee, the man who he nearly sent to the hospital for just doing his job, but I can’t rule out that the duel-knockout wasn’t personal.

With the win, Gou improved to 21-9 while his opponent, Super X Sitsontidech dropped to 60-32-2 and has now been knocked out in all of his last five fights, according to BJ Penn.

As far as the referee, he dropped to 0-1 on his career with one loss by TKO.


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