NC State Football Coach Surprises Walk-On With Full Scholarship At Team Meeting, Mayhem Ensues

by 4 years ago

This stuff makes me feel good. Even though I’m up to my eyeballs in student loan debt, I get satisfaction out of a blue-collar, hard-working dude getting rewarded for his leadership, even if he rarely sees the field during games.

The other day, I posted about Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly awarding walk-on senior running back Josh Anderson with a full-scholarship at a team meeting. The entire team mobbed him in congratulatory manner and I smiled and it made my life better.

Today, NC State’s sophomore defensive back Nicholas Lacy was gifted with a full-scholarship by cornerbacks coach George Barlow. This may have hit me a bit harder considering Barlow is a bit more charismatic than Kelly and receiving a full-scholarship as a sophomore has a larger impact monetarily than receiveing one as a senior.

Regardless, it’s an uplifting scene and I hope the 5’7”, 180 pound Lacy doesn’t phone it in after being granted a full ride.

Last season, Lacy saw action on special teams in the last four games of the season. He also had a fumble recovery.

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