Nick Saban Makes Another Comment About Texas A&M’s NIL Spending

Nick Saban attends the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

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Another offseason, another comment from Nick Saban about an SEC rival. On Tuesday, the Alabama head coach touched on Texas A&M’s NIL spending for a second consecutive year.

The remark has caused an uproar on social media as college football fans react to the perceived shot.

Last summer, Saban got into a massive back-and-forth with Aggies’ leader Jimbo Fisher. At the time, the A&M coach was putting a bow on the top-rated recruiting class, ever, following an eight-win season.

Many believed it coincidental that the class lined up with the introduction of NIL, including Saban.

He called the Aggies out for “buying every recruit on their team,” which led to an impromptu presser from Fisher the next day, where he said Nick Saban was a narcissist.

From there, the snowball rolled.

Fisher’s denials continued, though some claimed he spent upwards of $30 million on the cycle. Texas A&M’s athletic director then got involved, essentially forcing Saban to apologize.

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin, all the while, was highly entertained.

Fast forward another year and the drama is back. While speaking at SEC spring meetings, Nick Saban again singled Texas A&M’s spending out.

The national championship winning coach threw USC and future SEC opponent Texas in for good measure.

Football fans have been quick to comment.

One person wrote, “Nick Saban playing the NIL card is becoming one of the great traditions in college football.”

“Saban is sending a message to his boosters again,” one response read. Maybe there’s a method to the madness.

Another follower asked, “Another Jimbo/Saban WWE promo coming again?”

The one thing that everyone wants to know is, when will Fisher chirp back?

It’s talkin’ season in college football, and soon, SEC Media Days will be upon us.

We’ll see if this topic is re-addressed in July when Saban and Fisher get together again.