Designer Imagines What Nike ‘City Edition’ Uniforms Would Look Like For The NFL And They’re Badass AF

You know how we love it when talented designers decide to take existing sports franchises’ uniforms and make the different and/or better? (Mostly better.) And you know how Nike has been going all out for the NBA with special uniforms for every team (and some for only good teams) with their “Statement” and “City” editions?

Yeah, well, what if Nike took those talents for creating cool uniforms and pointed them at the 32 teams making up the NFL?

Turns out they might look a little something like this…

Talented artist Jesse Alkire, the same guy who created these dope MLB All-Star Game concept caps and shirts, not only designed 32 fresh new “City” edition uniforms for every team in the NFL, he also took the extra step of writing up the reasoning behind each design. How cool is that?

Here are some of my personal faves…

One thing is for certain. These NFL uniform designs are way better than what Nike came up with for the Cleveland Cavaliers “City Edition” uniforms this season.

Check out all 32 of Alkire’s “City” edition NFL team designs and the vision behind each look here.

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