Patrick Kane Gets Mercilessly Booed At All-Star Skills Competition, Former Teammate John Scott Laughs In His Face

Patrick Kane’s reputation has gone down the shitter real fast.

In November of 2015, prosecutors declined to charge Kane following a 21-year-old woman’s accusation that he raped her in his New York state home. Just two months after, an anonymous woman detailed a graphic incident claiming the 27-year-old assaulted her in a bathroom in 2014, saying Kane is a “sexual predator.”

Since the NHL investigation of Kane is still ongoing, Kane was able to participate in the NHL All-Star Skills Challenge over the weekend., where a chorus of boos rained down on him every time his name was mentioned.

No one got more of a kick out of it than former teammate and current member of the AHL’s St. John’s IceCaps, John Scott.

Scott told reporters after the event:

“We talked about it before. He said, ‘watch this, I’m going to get booed.’ We had a pretty good time with it and I thought it was pretty funny that the fans booed him.”

Kane chimed in as well:

“Every time, throughout the night, if we were doing interviews or getting introduced, it was always back-to-back so you either hear a lot of boos and then a lot of cheers or a lot of cheers and then a lot of boos. It was pretty funny.”

Funny, Kane? For us. For you, it’s catastrophic.

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