Pat McAfee Reacts To ‘NXT Takeover XXX’ Loss With The Perfect Wrestling GIF

Pat McAfee NXT Takeover

WWE / YouTube

The build-up to Pat McAfee’s match against Adam Cole at “NXT TakeOver XXX” was damn near perfect.

The feud restarted on McAfee’s show when Cole stormed off after being called short, got white-hot after McAfee punted Cole into the next county on an episode of NXT, and McAfee returned earlier this week to cut an impressive promo on the former NXT champion.

Unfortunately for McAfee, his aspirations for knocking off Cole at “NXT TakeOver XXX” came up short but the podcast host did a hell of a job in the ring.

McAfee pulled out all the stops, nailing a Swanton dive to the outside, a backflip off the top rope, and even a sick looking punt kick to Cole.

Here’s just one of McAfee’s impressive top rope moves.

In the end, Cole came out on top, besting McAfee to get the pinfall victory.

Shortly after the loss, McAfee reacted to his loss on Twitter with the perfect wrestling GIF.

After the NXT Takeover XXX show last night, Triple H hosted a conference call with media.

During the call, the former WWE champion praised the performance of Pat McAfee, saying that the former NFL star told him he “wants to be a weapon for him” and that McAfee has every intention of becoming an NXT and WWE star.

McAfee’s performance on the show was better than most people probably expected and the former NFL player seems like he’s not giving up on wrestling anytime soon.


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