Lakers GM Rob Pelinka Says Allegations Made Against Him By Magic Johnson Are ‘Simply Not True’

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka Denies Allegations Made By Magic Johnson

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Are the Los Angeles Lakers angling for an NBA version of the NFL’s Hard Knocks reality TV show? I mean, I know that the team plays right down the road from Hollywood, but damn… do they need to air out ALL of their dirty laundry in public?

Then again, this is the NBA we’re talking about, where petty drama is the status quo now.

That being said, the Lakers have been going above and beyond ever since they signed LeBron James.

Heck, just in the past 30 days, the Lakers have been in the news for the Pelicans having a beef with them over Anthony Davis, their minority owners being very unhappy with team president Jeanie Buss, Lakers players being embarassed by the Tyronn Lue hiring debacle, former Lakers head coach Luke Walton being accused of sexual assault, and now former President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson (amid his own allegations) going on First Take and spilling his own tea about the team’s general manager Rob Pelinka.

Appearing on Monday on ESPN, Johnson accused Pelinka of backstabbing him, questioning his work ethic, and other issues surrounding their relationship.

Pelinka appears to have been blindsided by Magic’s allegations, saying, “I think the most important thing for me is the two years getting work side by side with Earvin are some of the greatest memories I have. … It’s saddening and disheartening to believe things are a misperception.”

He also added that Johnson’s comments were “surprising to hear and disheartening. I look forward to the opportunity to sit down and talk to him, work through them, because they’re simply not true.”

For what it’s worth, Lakers insider Bill Oram says that if Pelinka was complaining about Magic not ever being in the office, it’s because, well, Magic was never in the office.

Considering the fact that Pelinka reiterated on Monday that Jeanie Buss is eliminating the position once held by Magic, President of Basketball Operations, one does kind of have to wonder what exactly it was that Johnson actually did?