Sean McVay Reveals Honest Reason For Why He Didn’t Take TV Job And Retire From Coaching

Sean McVay Reveals Honest Reason For Not Taking TV Job And Retiring

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The Los Angeles Rams are clearly ready for the upcoming season, as the franchise aims to secure a second Super Bowl win in a row. It will be a long journey to repeat, but luckily for LA, Sean McVay is not retiring after he declined TV jobs in the offseason. Now, the star head coach reveals why he chose to remain with the organization.

According to The Athletic, McVay simply isn’t ready to move on from coaching. This is great news for the Rams, especially considering the franchise is a true title contender. Although he was likely getting offered the big bucks to commentate on games, Sean McVay is here to stay in LA.

And who can blame him? The Rams had another strong offseason as the front office acquired Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner. Not to mention, they also signed Aaron Donald to an extension after he said he’d retire. Thank goodness Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford met at the same resort a couple of off-seasons ago, as that trade drastically changed the direction of this franchise.

Los Angeles is an early favorite out of the NFC West. The roster is completely stacked as the Rams have the talent to compete with anybody. Additionally, the front office has pooled together a great coaching staff, as Sean McVay has been lights out since his arrival.

Look for LA to make noise in the 2022 NFL season, as the Rams aim for a repeat. If they can do that, perhaps Sean McVay will ponder retiring and taking a TV job next offseason. Based on the trajectory of this organization, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to convince McVay to leave Los Angeles.

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