Stacy Keibler Called Out Cam Newton Over Lawsuit For Allegedly Trashing Her Husband’s Mansion

On Monday we brought you the story of how Cam Newton is being sued by Stacy Keibler’s husband Jared Pobre for allegedly trashing a mansion that he rented from Pobre.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit states that Newton and his friends did over $90,000 in damage to the $11 million mansion, which resulted in a loss of two month’s rent worth another $180k. So Pobre is suing Newton for $270,324.47 plus legal fees.

Pobre claims he asked Newton to pay for the damages but received nothing.

As Keibler and Pobre were leaving Catch in West Hollywood on Wednesday night a camera crew caught up to them and asked about the lawsuit.

Pobre had no comment, but Stacy Keibler definitely has her husband’s back in his lawsuit and wasn’t silent as she called out Newton saying, “He needs to do the right thing.”

Keibler, as you may recall, was a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader back in the day, so maybe she just has it in for the Panthers. Just spitballing…