Bros Ditch Crowded Beach To Surf Behind Behind A Luxury Yacht, Are Living The Damn Dream



One of the worst parts about surfing can be the crowded lineups, but that’s not a problem for these bros surfing behind a yacht.

h/t Stohke

Living the dream is a phrase that takes on many different meanings, but I’d have to say these bros are definitely living the dream. Surfing behind a luxury yacht? Check. Hot chicks on board? Check. Filming their session from a damn helicopter? Check!

So what if the waves don’t really stack up to what you’ll find on the shore? They’re never ending! The only way you bail on the wave is by giving up, or getting waked by a passing boat. THE ENDLESS SUMMER IS WITHIN THEIR GRASP.

And FWIW, I don’t know if these guys are awful surfers or were trying to get good footage of them wiping out, either way, holy shit they should stick to the baby waves out in the Gulf of Mexico.

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