Tiger Woods Criticized By Suspicious Twitter Account For Practice Round And Golf Fans Were NOT Having It

Tiger Woods Got Criticized For Practice Round And Golf Fans Didnt Like It

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  • Tiger Woods got called out on social media for playing a practice round at the site of the 2022 PGA Championship.
  • Many golf fans didn’t like that, thought it was unnecessary and very loudly had his back.
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When Tiger Woods showed up in Tulsa last week to play a practice round at the site of the 2022 PGA Championship that’s being held later this month everyone was very excited.

Well, almost everyone.

While the Tulsa area was so hyped to have Tiger Woods playing a practice round at Southern Hills a local news station sent out a helicopter to watch him play, one Twitter account with a conspicuous history decided that it was unfair.

The Twitter account, GolfFACTS, long rumored to be associated with another PGA Tour player’s family, wrote, “I wonder what it’s like to have the Director of Golf at Southern Hills give you ALL the course notes you need for the upcoming @PGAChampionship. Do all players get this treatment @PGA? For @TigerWoods this is just embarrassing that @PGA posted this photo & it’s very telling.”

Tiger Woods got called out by a suspicious Twitter account and golf fans didn’t like it

In the photos being questioned, Cary Cozby, the director of golf at Southern Hills Country Club, is seen caddying for Woods during his practice round and offering some insight.

Many on Twitter couldn’t understand why Woods and the PGA would be criticized for playing a practice round, especially since Tiger was out of action for so long prior to his re-emergence at this years Masters. That is, unless that Twitter account does belong to someone in another PGA Tour player’s camp.

As for the round itself, Cozby spoke to SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio about it.

“It’s amazing what he has to deal with on a daily basis,” Cozby said. “He came through the gate. He didn’t even come to the clubhouse because he knew what he’d have to deal with and went straight to the range. They sent a text said, ‘Hey, we’re on the practice tee. I’ll meet you on the first tee.’ And of course our clubhouse is open so we probably had 20 people, the patio, the golf shop’s right off the first tee. So there were probably 20 members that slipped out there to watch him. He didn’t look up, hit his shot. Second hole, there’s a helicopter. Fourth hole, there’s 50 to 70 people up on the hill overlooking that hole. And by the time we get to six there’s 30 to 40 people in the trees across the street with television cameras and phones and pictures, and [saying] ‘We love you, Tiger. Go get ’em, Tiger. Great shot, Tiger.’ Just amazing.”