Tiger Woods Shares The Insane Number Of Diet Cokes John Daly Drank During The 2007 PGA Championship

Tiger Woods Shares Wild John Daly, Diet Coke Story From 2007 PGA

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  • Tiger Woods shares a legendary story involving John Daly and Diet Coke.
  • Daly’s love for Diet Cokes is other-worldly.
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John Daly’s love for Diet Coke has been well-documented over the years. Anyone that had the pleasure to watch him during his prime, or even watched him today, has undoubtedly seen him strutting down a fairway with a Diet Coke in hand.

While there are infinite stories about Daly you could categorize as ‘legendary,’ there’s a new one to add to the list, and this one comes from none other than Tiger Woods.

The scene was the 2007 PGA Championship at Southern Hills, which is also the host of this week’s PGA Championship. The 2007 PGA was contested in August, and August in Oklahoma can get rather hot. That particular PGA Championship is known for being one of the hottest major championships of all time with temperatures well into the 100s.

Walking, in pants no less, in 100-degree weather naturally meant players drank more water in an attempt to stay hydrated. Not Daly, though, instead of mixing a water between Diet Cokes, he simply drank more Diet Cokes.

According to Woods, Daly drank 13 Diet Cokes during a 107-degree round at the 2007 PGA Championship.

It’s a safe bet that Daly smoked a few cigarettes during the round as well. Smoking cigarettes and housing Diet Cokes while walking a golf course in 107-degree temperatures would break most men, but not Daly.

Daly finished T-32 in the ’07 PGA Championship while Woods went on to win by two shots over Woody Austin.

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