After Falcons’ Loss To Packers, Todd Gurley Is Worried About Atlanta Getting ‘One F—ing Win’

todd gurley atlanta falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons are not a good football team. While they may not be the worst team in the NFL, the Falcons are still 0-4 on the year and are completely spiraling in the wrong direction. Fingers are being pointed at head coach Dan Quinn, and rightly so, and as it stands right now the Falcons are an absolute mess.

After losing to the Packers 30-16 on Monday Night Football, Atlanta running back Todd Gurley kept things honest with the media in his postgame press conference. Clearly frustrated, Gurley let the f-bombs fly.

“It’s not like nobody is going out there to f–k up on purpose, nobody is going out there to lose on purpose,” Gurley said. “Whatever we’re doing, it’s not enough, we’ve gotta just do more. We need to turn it up a notch, basically. Let’s just start off getting one f—ing win.”

The Falcons have had a pretty tough four-game stretch to open up the season with games against Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Green Bay, but 0-4 is 0-4 and time is only running out for this team to turn things around.

The Texans pulled the plug on Bill O’Brien on Monday after Houston started the year going 0-4 and all signs are pointing to Atlanta letting go of Dan Quinn unless something changes quick and when I say quick, he desperately needs a win at home against the Panthers this Sunday to keep his job.

As for Gurley himself, he’s yet to rush for over 80 yards in a single game this season but has found the endzone four times.

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