Tom Brady Chewing Out His Receivers Gets The ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment And It Is Art

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Tom Brady gave his young receivers a talkin’ to more stern than when my dad caught me dumping his premium vodka into a Nalgene bottle in high school and filling it back up with water. Hey dad, if you’re reading this, I still owe you *checks notes* 38 more bottles of various spirits.

Sunday Night Football cameras captured Brady emasculating his young receiving corps early in the second quarter for their slow and “robotic” route-running in the eventual 28-22 loss to the Texans.

Well that’s no fun.

Allow the folks at Bad Lip Reading, who know what comes off Brady’s lips better than his own son, to give you the actual pep talk the Patriots quarterback delivered to his teammates. Not this fake news rubbish about being aggressive off the ball and shit that the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Brady raises a good question here: Why do cats need to pee in the little tub? Do it in your bed after a few post-workout martinis like human adults you uncivilized swine. Yuck.



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