Tom Brady Makes His Stance On The Aaron Rodgers Situation Very Clear

tom brady comments aaron rodgers situation

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  • Tom Brady was asked about the current situation regarding Aaron Rodgers.
  • The Tampa Bay QB didn’t have too much to share about Rodgers but made his stance on the matter clear.
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While a number of athletes, media members, and fans continue to share their reactions to the Aaron Rodgers situation, Tom Brady is going to keep his thoughts to himself about the whole thing.

The Bucs quarterback was asked about the Rodgers situation on the newest episode of his ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast and while he didn’t have too much to say, he did deliver a firm message.

“Of course, I figured you’d ask me about this. I figured out I’m not commenting on Aaron Rodgers’ personal situation. Far be it for me to tell anyone what to put in their body,” Brady explained, according to Fox News.

So, there you have it, Brady isn’t about to tell Rodgers or anyone else what they should or should not put in their body.

After his comments, Brady did get in a funny plug about his ‘TB12 Method’ book.

“But by the way, the ‘TB12 Method’ is available in paperback wherever nutritional books are sold and I’ll leave it at that. … Nope, just thought about it and obviously that’s how I feel and that’s all I’m going to say,” Brady said.

Rodgers has found himself in quite an interesting spot over the last week after testing positive. It was shortly after the news of his positive test that the news broke of him being unvaccinated. This was somewhat of a surprise seeing as how he said he was “immunized” earlier this year.

The Green Bay quarterback then went on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Friday and laid out a number of different reasons as to why he chose not to get vaccinated. Some of his comments rubbed some people the wrong way, to put it lightly.

Howard Stern wants Rodgers thrown out of the NFL while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks Rodgers has “damaged professional sports” forever.