Tom Brady Is The Only NFC South Starting QB Not Selected In The 1st Round And It’s Ironic On So Many Levels

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  • The Falcons and Saints signed QBs for the 2022 season this week
  • Now, Tom Brady is the only starting passer in his division that wasn’t drafted in the 1st round
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There has been a ton of movement on the quarterback market this week, and most of that action has involved teams in the NFC South.

On Monday, we saw the Saints re-sign Jameis Winston, who started seven games in New Orleans last year. We also saw longtime Atlanta starter Matt Ryan dealt to the Colts, leaving the door open for the Falcons to make a deal with Marcus Mariota.

With those two deals done, it seems that the quarterback movement in the NFC South is pretty much wrapped up. That is, unless the Panthers take a chance on Jordan Love, Baker Mayfield, or Jimmy Garoppolo, but it may be more likely they look to the draft.

With the new starters solidified, an interesting stat has begun floating around social media.

Tom Brady Is The Only NFC South QB Missing One Distinction

Tom Brady decided to return for another season in Tampa following a brief retirement. With the 45-year-old back under center, the Bucs have risen to Super Bowl contenders once again.

While he’s universally recognized as the greatest passer of all time, there’s one accolade missing from Brady’s resume when compared to the starters of his division rivals.

Brady is the only quarterback in the NFC South that wasn’t drafted in the first round.

Going further, he’s the only signal caller that wasn’t a top three overall pick.

Jameis Winston was the top selection of the 2015 NFL Draft. Marcus Mariota followed him at No. 2. Three seasons later, Sam Darnold was a top three pick with the Jets.

Brady, meanwhile? He was the 199th pick in 2000.

That draft story doesn’t tell the tale of his career, however.

Brady has won seven Super Bowls. He’s a three-time league MVP. He’s been to 15 Pro Bowls in his 22-year career. He’s won 243 career games.

Those other three have combined to go 79-108 over 18 seasons of work. Despite having a sample size of 129 less starts, they’ve lost 35 more games. The three have been to just one Pro Bowl as a group, which came in Jameis Winston’s rookie season. None have won a Super Bowl.

It just goes to show that draft position doesn’t always translate to on-field production. We’ll take Brady to win this division once again in 2022 despite that sixth-round selection status.