Tony Romo Doing Yoga On The Golf Course To Deal With A Bad Back Is As Relatable As It Gets

Tony Romo Doing Yoga On The Golf Course To Deal With A Bad Back Is As Relatable As It Gets

Getty Image / Alex Bierens de Haan

  • Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was in Wisconsin for a state match play event where he faced the best golfers in the state.
  • Birdies were flying left and right for Tony but a bad back had him doing awkward cat and cow yoga stretches on the green while his opponent was putting.
  • Footage of Tony Romo awkwardly stretching on the golf course is as relatable as it gets for men of a certain age.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS Sports analyst Tony Romo was in Wisconsin this week. Most sports fans already know this but Tony Romo is one heck of a golfer. His index has reportedly reached +1 at times.

He was in Wisconsin to compete in the Wisconsin State Golf Association Match Play tournament where he advanced through Group Play. Tony Romo won his first match 2-up against Evan Mass. He won his second match 3 & 1 against Garth Gilster and fired off 7 birdies in that round. And Romo won his third match 2-up against Sam Cianciola.

Tony Romo also did all of that with a brutally sore back that was plaguing him so badly to the point that he had to get down on the green and do yoga while his opponent was putting. Watch this clip below and then try to imagine being the guy who is paired against Tony Romo in a match play and then the former Dallas Cowboys QB busts out into yoga stretches.

Tony Romo Doing Yoga On The Golf Course To Deal With A Bad Back

Here is Tony Romo in the bottom left of the screen doing yoga poses while his opponent misses a putt:

Aaaaand here’s Tony putting for the win on another hole:

Golfers and football fans weigh in on Tony’s yoga stretching…

There’s the money shot:

I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face in this situation and this is coming from someone who regularly does yoga.

Cheeky indeed but Tony Romo’s back was certainly hurting…

Seeing Tony Romo doing awkward stretches in public really is as relatable as it gets. This is me like 85% of the time I’m on the golf course which is several times a month.

If you’ve never been called out by your significant other for stretching in public then I’ve got some bad news for you, you’re probably not cut out for #DadLife. It doesn’t have to be elaborate Cat and Cow yoga stretches like Tony Romo. Perhaps you just see a good door frame at a restaurant and use it to stretch out your shoulders and chest. Or maybe it’s a low bench that’s perfect for getting in a good calf stretch.

There are a million instances that could lead to you, I, and/or Tony Romo stretching in public. And if you’re the type of guy who isn’t seizing those opportunities then the Dad Force™ just isn’t strong within you. I’m sorry but those are the facts of life.

How Did Tony Romo Finish The Match Play Event?

Tony Romo won his first three matches and birdies were flying left and right. But either the tough course conditions or his bad back caught up to him and he fell short in his Round of 16 knockout match.

#16 seed Tony Romo lost to #1 seed Adam Miller 5 & 4 in their round of 16 matchup with Miller moving on to the final 8 and Romo heading home with a bad back. Ya hate to see it, nobody should have to get on a plane when their back is flaring up like that.