Tyler Herro Claims He Was ‘Hacked’ After Scandalous Photos Post To His Snapchat

Will Newton/Getty Images

Who am I to shame someone for being Horny Online? That would be like Andy Reid scolding someone for eating meat.

But my job is to be a purveyor of the data, and if Tyler Herro is making a case to dethrone Jamal Murray for Horniest NBA Player Online, I must provide you with this news. It is my civic duty.

Just a few weeks ago, the Heat guard publicly threw his hat in the ring with Instagram/fitness model Katya Elise Henry, much to the delight of many.

Today, like many athletes before him, he is crying “hacked” after his personal Snapchat account began posted provocative photos.

My bad for the past few snaps, my snapchat account was hacked last night and my management team just got it back right now. will be making sure that doesn’t happen again.

When will a player just admit to feeling a little horny?

Never be afraid to be who you really are. Looking at you, Ray.



You also may want to change your bed sheets as well.

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