Viral Photo Of The St. John’s Mascot Is All Of Us Right Now, As Is One Fan’s ‘One Shining Moment’ Parody

Viral Photo Of The St Johns Mascot Fans One Shining Moment Parody


Thursday, March 12, 2020 – a day many sports fans will not soon forget as pretty much everything either got postponed, canceled or altered in some never-before-seen fashion. In addition to the NBA, MLB, the NHL, MLS, the PGA Tour, the Premier League, the XFL, Formula 1, NASCAR, the UFC, and perhaps most disappointingly, the NCAA basketball tournament, were all negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

College basketball players, some who waited four years, and especially all the seniors who will not go on to play in the NBA had their careers come to a premature end, not even getting to play in their conference tournaments let alone participate in March Madness thanks to the coronavirus.

Rick Barnes is right. It was the right decision. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it. In fact, I dare say, a viral photo of the St. John’s mascot sitting alone in the stands following the cancellation of the Big East tournament at halftime of his team’s game against Creighton pretty much sums up the emotions sports fans everywhere are feeling right about now.

One fan wasn’t going to let a little thing like all the games being canceled by the coronavirus stop him, however, as he created a “very special” version of the annual “One Shining Moment” montage that perfectly encapsulates 2020 March Madness.

That’s one for the time capsule right there.