Washington Unveils New Look Football Helmets And I Have To Admit They Look Fresh AF

Washington Teases Their New Look Football Helmets With Numbers On Them

getty image / pixabay composite

While we await the reveal of the new nickname for the professional football team from Washington D.C. sometime between now and who knows when, the franchise has already gone ahead and put out some gloriously generic apparel that is sure to become collector’s items in about 25 years.

Another item that will probably be highly sought after down the road will be the team’s new uniforms for 2020 which frankly don’t look a whole lot different than what they have been wearing.

The only real difference, of course, is the removal of the old logo on the helmet. Instead of an offensive image of a Native American, the Washington Football Team will be sporting uniform numbers on the sides of the helmets like Alabama and Penn State do in college.

On Wednesday, the Washington Football Team unveiled a closer look at the numbers being put on the helmets and I have admit, they look pretty darn fresh.

Longtime diehard Washington football fan Dale Earnhardt Jr. was suitably impressed.

Of course, since these clean new helmets don’t change the fact that this is still the same Washington franchise and it is still owned by much-despised owner Daniel Snyder, there were also many, many jokes.

It’s gonna be another fun season in D.C.