Where Is Sports Betting Legal? An Overview Of America’s Sports Betting Laws

Where is Sports Betting Legal? An Overview of Laws By State

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Sports betting is a larger industry than the sports industry in general. If you add up the worth of every team in sports, it will not equal the amount of revenue from sports betting.

Growth in sports betting popularity has led to more states making it legal. All major sports allow sports betting. If you want to start betting, you will need to make sure it is legal where you live.

Keep reading this article to find out if sports betting is legal where you live. Each state has the opportunity to make millions of dollars each month.

Where Is Sports Betting Legal?

Sports betting is growing at a quick rate. With several fun and engaging bets to place, there is no denying the industry is growing.

Here is a comprehensive list of the sports betting climate and revenues for each state.


Arizona sports betting became legal in September 2021. The state offers online sports betting and in-person sportsbooks. The state features all the big names in sports betting plus smaller sites such as WynnBet, and Unibet.

Arizona has several sportsbooks that are open to the public and even more are on the way. The state has a total handle of $2,798,609,786.


Arkansas sports betting is relatively new. Although it was passed in July 2019, the state just released online betting in March 2022. The market for sports betting in Arkansas is very limited and will become more accessible in the coming years.

The state has a current handle of $137,228,412.


Since becoming one of the states where sports betting is legal, Colorado has become a staple. The state launched sports betting in May 2020 and has 33 casinos with available sports betting.

The state was an early member to pass betting allowing for its high handle of $6,553,121,405.


Even though the state doesn’t have a professional team, sports betting is popular. Connecticut sports betting went live in October 2021. Legal sports betting online has been the state’s most popular method of betting. This is due to their only being two casinos.

Connecticut posts a handle of $750,903,979.


Delaware sports betting became legal in June 2018. The state does not have legal online sports betting. All bettors must place bets at one of the state’s three casino locations.

The state has an all-time betting handle of $477,443,897.


Florida sports betting is relatively new. Sports betting in Florida is extremely limited at the moment. There is no online betting and only one on-site location for betting. The state hasn’t posted any handles as of June 2022.


Illinois is one of the biggest markets for sports betting. The land of Lincoln allowed sports betting in March 2020 online and in person. There are several casinos in the state with a brand new casino being built in downtown Chicago.

The state has been very lucrative with sports betting. As a result, it has a handle of $10,451,498,526.


Indiana was a pioneer state in early sports betting. The Hoosier State launched sports betting in September 2019 online and in person. The state has a large number of online betting options and 14 in-person sportsbooks.

Indiana has a total handle of $7,420,093,382.


Similar to Indiana, Iowa passed its sports betting bill early. The state passed sports betting in August 2019. Betting in Iowa is easy due to the several online betting options and 20 in-person sportsbooks.

Iowa has an all-time handle of $3,581,688,221.


Louisiana sports betting is still new. The state launched its betting services in October 2021. The state already has several methods for betting online including DraftKings and FanDuel. The state also has 19 casinos that can all apply for a sportsbook license.

The state has a total handle of $628,010,917.


Maryland sports betting went live in December 2021 in person. Online sports betting is going to be legal in 2022. In the legislation of the state, they allowed for up to 60 sportsbook licenses. For those who don’t know, that’s a lot. 40 of which are still available.

Maryland has a betting handle of $105,635,300.


Michigan sports betting became legal at the same time as Illinois. In March 2020, the state opened its first in-person sportsbook located in Detroit. Since then, Michigan has approved online sports betting and created 19 more land-based sportsbooks.

The state has an all-time sports betting handle of $5,531,087,840.


Since it launched in August 2018, Mississippi sports betting has had to pass through several hoops. The state does not allow online betting. Bettors must be present at one of the state’s 29 casinos to legally bet on sports. The state first started talking about sports betting legalization in 2017.

Even though the state does not allow for online betting, it still has a handle of $1,631,189,074.


Montana sports betting is a little tricky. It became allowed in April 2020, however, it is not a statewide endeavor. Sports bettors must be located at certain state-sanctioned betting sites. These sites are predominantly restaurants and bars.

Even though the state only allows sports betting through the Montana lottery, it has a handle of $84,255,514


As a surprise to no one, Nevada has legalized sports betting the longest. Since 1949, Nevada has had sports betting. The state has roughly 200 locations to bet in person. Via Las Vegas, the state has been deemed “The Mecca” for sports betting

The state holds the second-highest all-time handle with $23,505,541,208.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire sports betting has been legal since December 2019. The state has several in-person sportsbook betting options due to its 10 establishments. The state also offers several online sports betting services for bettors to use. IN New Hampshire, bettors only have to be 18-years-old.

The state has a total handle of $1,246,033,456.

New Jersey

New Jersey has had legal sports betting since June 2018. The state started allowing online sports betting in August 2018 and has 24 brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

New Jersey frequently has the highest handle in the US month over month. It currently has an all-time handle of $26,238,410,459 which is the most out of any state.

New Mexico

Sports betting became legal in New Mexico in May 2018 but nothing was launched until October. The state has several in-person sportsbooks but does not allow for online betting.

New York

New York sports betting became legal in July 2019. NY sports betting has only recently begun to allow online sports betting with it being passed in January 2022. The state has 11 in-person sports betting locations. New York sports betting does not allow for betting on the in-state collegiate competition.

The Empire State currently has an all-time handle of $5,228,354,323.


Oregon passed its bill regarding sports betting in August 2019. The state allowed online betting with its initial launch of the market. The state also has two in-person betting options where bettors can only place wagers on professional sports.

Oregon has an all-time handle of $713,684,340.


Pennsylvania launched sports betting in November 2018. The state offers several online options as well as 13 in-person sportsbook betting options. The state started extremely slow with sports betting but has since grown into one of the nation’s best states for betting.

Pennsylvania has an all-time sports betting handle of $13,746,491,799.

Rhode Island

The country’s smallest state legalized sports betting in November 2018. It wasn’t until March 2019 that the state allowed online betting. The state also features two in-person sportsbooks. Rhode Island once lost $2.4 million in one day due to sports betting (Super Bowl LIII).

Despite being small, the state has a large sports betting handle. Rhode Island has an all-time handle of $1,082,480,980.

South Dakota

South Dakota legalized sports betting in September 2021. The state does not allow for online sports betting but does have eight in-person sportsbooks established.

South Dakota has the smallest handle with $5,174,719.


Tennessee legalized sports betting in November 2020. The state has several online betting options and zero owned or operated in-person sportsbooks. The state is the only one that does not allow for in-person sports betting.

Although the state online offers online sports betting, Tennessee has an all-time handle of $4,112,077,965.


Virginia rolled out its legalization of sports betting in January 2021. Betting online is permitted but is monitored and done through the state’s lottery system. Virginia has several online betting opportunities available.

Virginia has an all-time handle of $4,578,708,985.


Washington legalized sports betting in March 2020. Washington didn’t launch until September 2021. The state offers several in-person sportsbooks but has yet to allow online or mobile sports betting.

Washington D.C

The nation’s capital started allowing sports betting in May 2020 exclusively online. D.C. has had a lot of issues with user appreciation and has not had much success in the sports betting industry. The District is allowed to have up to 5 in-person betting sites located at professional sports arenas.

Washington D.C. currently has an all-time handle of $340,541,486.

West Virginia

West Virginia launched into the legal sports betting space in August 2018. The state features several online betting options as well as five in-person sportsbooks.

West Virginia has a handle of $1,386,748,257.


Sports betting in Wisconsin became legal in July 2021 and was launched in November of the same year. The state has several in-person sportsbooks but does not have any online or mobile betting options.


Wyoming allowed sports betting in September 2021. Since then the state has only opted to use online betting. The state has not yet legalized in-person sports betting. You only have to be 18-years-old to bet on sports in Wyoming.

The state’s all-time handle is $77,332,319.

States That are Almost There

Several states have recently legalized sports betting or are thinking about doing so. Some of these states have a lot of progress towards legalizing sports betting while others are having issues.

Sports betting can be a great way for a state to make money. Each state collects taxes on sports betting each month. By not legalizing sports betting, states are missing out on millions of dollars.


Kansas just passed the bill on sports betting in 2022. It is assumed that the state will roll out its sports betting plans on January 1, 2023.


Alaska has pre-filed for legislation in 2022. Hopefully, things can get up and running there soon.


Ohio sports betting is here. The state recently had its governor sign off on the sports betting bill in 2021. The state is projected to have mobile sports betting sometime in 2022.


Maine officially legalized sports betting in 2022. It is unsure when the state will start allowing bets to be placed. It might not be until late 2023.


California has had mixed feelings about sports betting. The state looked like it might’ve approved sports betting in 2022, however, it now looks like 2024 is more realistic.


Massachusetts is trying to get there. The state passed a bill in 2022 but is having issues ironing things out. There is no prediction on when the state will allow sports betting.


Kentucky has been flirting with the idea ever since 2018. Still, there has been no real progress towards legalization.


Professional sports teams in the state are pushing for legalization. The state started taking it more seriously in 2021 but it looks like the state won’t have anything concrete in place until 2023.


Thanks to Kansas, Missouri tried to legalize sports betting. The state eventually fell short in 2022 and will most likely try again over the next few years.


Minnesota is trying to legalize sports betting. The state has a lot of ways to go, but at least there are conversations. It is looking like 2023 or 2024 might be realistic for Minnesota.


The state is trying to roll out more ideas and bills regarding sports betting. It looks like Nebraska won’t see any sports betting until 2023 or 2024.


Things are moving very slowly in Oklahoma. Don’t hold your breath.


Texas had a large push for sports betting in recent years. Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban pushed for legalization in 2021 but fell short. The state thinks 2023 will be a better option.

Where You Can Bet on Sports

Each state has different online betting options. However, two betting platforms can be found in each state where online/mobile betting is allowed.

Signing up for a sportsbook will often result in rewards. These awards are only given to new users. You can also receive promotions and more rewards when you place certain bets. These bets vary for each sport and have various different rewards.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the largest sports betting platforms in the United States. The Sportsbook has grown through its easy-to-use interface and several betting options.

Draftkings sportsbook is one of the best sports betting sites. The platform can be used on your phone or a computer. The sportsbook currently has a projection for $1.92 billion in revenue in 2022.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is a large name in the sports betting space. The sportsbook is regarded as one of the best online betting sites and has been around for several years.

FanDuel was the first sportsbook to create the Same Game Parlay feature which has grown in popularity. The sportsbook has taken advantage of the growing industry. FanDuel generated an incredible $1.6 billion in Q1 of 2022 alone. This makes it the largest sportsbook.

Start Your Sports Betting Journey

Several states allow sports betting in some capacity. If you live in an area where it is allowed, sign up at your local sportsbook or download an app.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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