Crazy 3-Way All-In Hand In WSOP Main Event For 5.8 Million Chips Is A Roller Coaster Of Surprises

The WSOP Main Event is slowly winding down towards the final table. Day 6 of the World Series of Poker $10,000 MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship played until there were just 35 players remaining.

Two players from the 2021 WSOP Main Event Final Table busted on Day 6. 2021’s 7th place finisher Alejandro Lococo busted in 39th place for $214,200 and the 2021 Main Event winner Koray Aldemir busted in 75th place for $101,700. It’s absolutely wild those two players who were at last year’s final table were able to navigate the WSOP Main Event field of 8,663 and make it to the last 75 players again this year.

There have been some wild hands in the Main Event as the field narrowed down. The current chip leader, Jeffrey Farnes (37,825,000 in chips), picked up quad nines on Day 6. Someone else hit a straight flush on day 6. But this hand below of the 3-way all-in is one of the craziest hands of the day.

Crazy 3-Way All-In Hand In WSOP Main Event For 5.8 Million Chips

I had absolutely no idea where this was headed from start to finish, the only thing I knew for sure is someone was going broke on this hand. Cruz picked up AsAd, Haim Or Krief picked up QsQh, and then short-stacked Stanley Lee looks down to find JsJd.

The AsAd has the other two dominated pre-flop by blocking spades and diamonds which each of the other players held in their hands. But things proceeded to get wild. Check it out via PokerGo‘s video:

How did that hand win???? That’s just Poker.

After the flop of 5c8h7h, the AsAd had a 67% chance of winning the hand. Queens were 18% and Jacks were 15%. The 10h came on the turn and those percentages moved to Aces with 64%, Queens with 26%, and the Jacks with 10%.

If a non-hearts Jack or a 9 came on the river the Jacks would’ve won. The Aces were still the winning hand until the river but the Queens had the only heart and boom, the River brought out the Ace of Hearts which completed the flush for Haim Or Krief.

That hand sent Stanley Lee packing in 86th place for $86,000 and Gilbert Cruz walking in 85th place for $86,000 as well. Haim Or Krief walked away with a 5.8 million chip pot and was looking good until he eventually finished in 58th place for $145,800 as the field played down to just 35 players left.

Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event Begins on Wednesday

It’s been a LONG haul for these players. The 8,663 field is the second largest in WSOP Main Event history. That required four starting days (days 1a, 1b, 1c, and 1d) followed by two Day 2’s. The actual even started on July 3rd, a full 10 days ago.

The remaining 35 players in the Main Event will now play down to the final 9, aka the Final Table. They’ll then get a day off tomorrow (Day 8) and play will resume on Friday with the 9 players playing down to 4. On Saturday, those final 4 players will play down to a winner who will walk away with a $10 million stack of cash (or a check, most likely a check).