Watch A Stupid WWE Fan Jump Into The Ring, Get In Seth Rollins’s Face, Then Take A Beatdown From Security

WWE has a strict policy about fans jumping over the railing and trying to get into the action. That policy is “don’t” because you’ll get banned from all WWE events and probably get your ass handed to you by either a wrestler or security. Maybe even a referee, which is double embarrassing, but understandable since most times those guys are former wrestlers.

The policy didn’t stop this batting helmet-wearing (is that what he’s wearing?) moron from trying to hop into the ring to become a WWE Superstar for the night. The fan got into Seth Rollins’s face and let’s just say thank god he was wearing a helmet because his night is about to come to a crashing halt.

I love two things about this video — first, Rollins pushes the tool almost back to his seat and second the security staff just works him over instead of dragging him out of the ring. Let’s give the fans a show and this guy a couple bruises to show the cops.

Here’s a better angle of the smackdown.

Too bad that guy won’t be allowed at Summerslam this weekend. I’d watch him take another beating over a Roman Reigns match any day.

[via With Spandex]

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