‘Stone Cold’ Delivers Stunners To Half The McMahon Family For WWE Raw 25th Anniversary

Stone Cold Returns WWE Raw 25th

The WWE celebrated 25 years of Monday Night Raw last night by parading out some of the biggest stars of the last few decades.

The show predictably kicked off with Stephanie and Shane McMahon congratulating patriarch Vince on 25 years of television and success and the Chairman of the WWE took no time falling back into his “Mr. McMahon” persona.

Vince laid into his offspring about the awful plaque being presented in his honor and went on to cut a promo on the Brooklyn crowd and audience at home explaining how he single-handedly turn the show into must-watch television week after week…

…then glass shattered and all hell broke loose.

It’s amazing how one sound can transport millions of people back to the year 1997.

Other highlights of the Raw 25th Anniversary show include the return of The Undertaker, a decent match between The Miz and Roman Reigns, DX and Razor Ramon and Ron Simmons dropping one more “DAYUUM!” for old time’s sake.

[via WWE.com]