Bills WR Zay Jones Baffles The Internet After Literally Levitating To His Feet After Incompletion

I’ve never believed in a higher power until I watched Bills WR Zay Jones get to his feet after an incompletion yesterday. The only rational explanation for Jones levitating to his feet is that Jesus grabbed hold of the back of his jersey. Either that or he’s a goddamn warlock. If not, I need to start going to church. Shit.

I’ve literally plummeted to the fitness level where I need to use both hands, knees and what’s left of my ab muscles to peel myself out of bed in the afternoon. Jones used his big toe to bring his 6’2”, 200 pound frame upright. Those are some strong hammies, my friend.

In true Reddit fashion, NFL fans came out of the woodwork to bring the funnies.

Hold the phone. This looks to be a breakdance move dubbed ‘the knee float.’ So I guess God doesn’t exist and I can go back to being a shitty person.

Jones caught a touchdown pass on the day, helping to secure his Bills a 16-10 upset win on the road against the meandering Chiefs, who’ve lost five of their last six games. This was a huge win for the Bills, who not only poke their heads back in playoff contention, but also bounced back from a dismal week 10 after rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman threw five first-half interceptions in a 47-10 beatdown by the Saints at home.

The NFL is a fickle ma’fucka.

[h/t Reddit]