NBA Fans React To Report That Zion Williamson Has Weighed In At 330 Pounds

NBA Fans React To Report That Zion Williamson Weighs 330 Pounds

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  • NBA fans were shocked to learn how much weight Zion Williamson has reportedly gained
  • A reporter spoke to multiple sources who said the Pelicans big man weighed in at 330 pounds this year
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Earlier this week, the seemingly never-ending saga of Zion Williamson’s weight issues took yet another turn when a reporter snapped a picture of the New Orleans Pelicans power forward that quickly made the rounds online for reasons that should be obvious as soon as you take a look at it.

Sure, you could always pull out The Unflattering Angle Defense, but that’s fairly hard to do when you consider Williamson’s well-documented struggle to stay at a healthy playing weight and the injures many people believe are directly linked to his inability to slim down.

This is the point in the article where I preemptively respond to anyone who might lobby accusations of fat-shaming my way; I know there are a number of factors that could play into Williamson’s issues, but at the end of the day, he’s an NBA player who gets paid a hefty sum to at least attempt to stay in peak physical condition.

On Tuesday, we were treated to a new report concerning just how bad the situation has gotten on The Lowe Post podcast, where reporter Tim MacMahon fired a stray shot at Williamson during a discussion about the pounds Luka Donic has also slowly but surely tacked on over the past year.

After MacMahon said he’s heard Doncic weighed in at 260 pounds earlier this season, Lowe asked how that compared to Williamson, and his guest replied by saying, “The number I’ve heard from several places about Zion is 70 pounds higher than 260. You do the math” (if you don’t want to do the math, that number is 330).

It’s worth noting the comment may have been in reference to the weight Williamson recorded at training camp given the context of the discussion, and a recent picture seems to support that theory. Regardless, it didn’t take long for NBA fans to chime in with some reactions.

There’s no doubt the NBA will be more entertaining when Willimason returns in peak shape, so here’s to hoping he’ll be able to do exactly that.

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