Revtown Jeans Review: This New Denim Brand For Men Makes The Softest Pair Of Jeans I’ve Ever Owned

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Look, as I write this, it’s summer. I’m on a plane from Washington D.C. back to Los Angeles and all I can think about is how to spend the remainder of my out-of-office summer days in board shorts or a comfy pair of shorts. The very idea of ditching my beach threads for office casual attire as the weather starts to change will send me kicking and screaming into a career as an Uber driver or a landscaper, simply having to avoid the hell of “looking nice” to get the job done.

But sometimes, even in the dog days of summer, you have to sacrifice shorts for slacks to rise for the occasion. A couple of months ago I received a pair of Revtown Jeans and, in just a few nights out, they quickly earned a spot on my personal Mt. Rushmore of Pants. The Pittsburgh, PA-based denim company is manufacturing a pair of jeans that’s easily the best damn pair of denim I’ve ever owned for the price. Easily. And I’m not just saying that because I’m from the Keystone State: The fact they require zero days of breaking in is a modern men’s fashion miracle.

I never thought I’d own a pair of jeans that I wouldn’t mind sleeping in, but here we are.

So here’s my Revtown jeans review: You can tell the different the second you slip into a pair of Revtown jeans because of the feel. Whether for work or simply hitting the bar, a great-fitting pair of denim just has that feel that sparks an instant emotional connection. Yes, it’s like meeting “The One.” They’re soft and breathable, much like a well-weathered pair of jeans you’ve owned for years.

Before I jump into my Revtown jeans review, note that the brand also has a really cool story – It was started by a group of former Under Armour employees, all with backgrounds making high-quality athleisure. Check out our interview with Revtown’s founder, Henry Stafford, about getting the business off the ground.

Revtown Jeans Review

I own the Sharp Denim, which boasts a slim cut that sits right at the waist, with the jeans staying straight through the thigh with a slightly slim leg opening. They look tight and come at a fraction of the price of designer jeans on the rack at a big box store. Their other fit is Automatic Denim, which are “made to be mobile and fit, but never sloppy.” The fit on Revtown’s Automatic Denim a little looser, making it a pair of jeans you can pull over your Red Wings.

Over the last couple years, the brand has also launched a few new styles as well, including:

Taper Fit – Revtown’s take on skinny jean.

Khaki Fit – Revtown has reinvented an old classic – read our full review here. It’s super comfortable, great-looking pair of khaki jeans.

Revtown jeans boast a modern denim look that just feels like… you. We’re not talking highfalutin style. We’re talking jeans that you can effortlessly rock with a simple tee and sneaks to your casual office job. They’ll get the job done as your favorite pair of slacks if your paycheck requires being on your toes all day in a shop or in the field, especially if you need breathability downt stairs.

I pair my Revtown jeans with low-cut kicks, like Vans or Sperrys. With a proper hemming, Revtown Jeans would be great with chukkas or boots if you’re really trying to make a lingering impression. They’re well-polished out of the box like that, perfect for meeting a girl’s parents for the first time or that casual drink at the bar with a new business opportunity.

Before we get hung up on jean ‘fits like a bunch of Jonah Hill stans, I have to backtrack for a second. I want to gush again about how soft and comfy Revtown jeans are. This is the really the focal point of my Revtown jean review: The feel of Revtown jeans. The moment I threw them on was a like a style epiphany, kinda like listening to Neil Young’s Harvest or Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors beginning to end for the first time. They’re designed to be timeless, made with premium Italian yarn in what Revtown calls “Decade Denim” Decade Denim is infused with “four-way, dynamic stretch, and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.”

This means that Revtown denim has more “give” and stretch than most jeans, making it a pure joy to wear. They *almost* feel like your favorite pair of sweatpants, with plenty of room to spread out and be the dog that you are.

Revtown jeans come in four specific washes. I went with Rinse, which is a deep dark blue. Pairs with almost anything on top, from collared shirts to polos to tees.

  • Dark Indigo – A deep denim blue with traditional contrasting stitching.
  • Rinse Indigo – Our darkest indigo wash with dyed-to-match stitching.
  • Steel Grey – A grey denim with a worn-in feel.
  • Coal Black – A straightforward black denim and a good complement to Rinse Indigo.

The TLDR on Revtown jeans, in case you skipped to the bottom of this review: They stretch. A lot. They breath. They look like a pair of jeans Leonardo DiCaprio would pair with a Van Halen 1981 World Tour t-shirt with a supermodel on his arm. You’ll wear them every day for a week and never get sick of them. At only $75 a pair, they are an instant-cop for the value. Heck, you’ll wish you got two.

Blaze on.



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