Science Finds That Men Wearing A Certain Color Makes Women More Attracted To Them


What if I told you that one minor wardrobe adjustment could turn you from zero to hero? No working out, no pay raise, no hair plugs, just a simple change of the shirt. I can all but guarantee you 69% more right swipes on Tinder and Bumble if you just change into a red shirt.

Hey, I’m the last person you want to take style advice from but lucky for me, in this case, I have science on my side.

In a study published by Professor Andrew Elliott, wearing red makes men appear more powerful and confident, thus increasing their sexual desirability.

Via the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

…in a series of 7 experiments we demonstrate that women perceive men to be more attractive and sexually desirable when seen on a red background and in red clothing, and we additionally show that status perceptions are responsible for this red effect.

These findings indicate that color not only has aesthetic value but can carry meaning and impact psychological functioning in subtle, important, and provocative ways.

The study found that women are biologically engrained to view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make more money or climb the proverbial ladder.

But this isn’t true for human males and females. Female species across the entire animal kingdom prefer a male in red.

Red is also a signal of male status in many nonhuman vertebrate species, and females show a mating preference for high-status males.

Me this Friday night…

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