Alyssa Milano Rips Joe Rogan For Being More Popular Than She Is In 22-Tweet Celebrity Temper Tantrum

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It is with tears in my eyes that I must announce that the celebrity rendition of Imagine from March has not solved all the world’s problems.

Good try, good effort, Ramen noodle hair.


Thankfully, we have Alyssa Milano, who appears to be posturing for a role as Grandstanding Gal On A Wine Drunk in the next Scorsese film.

She has already proven herself to be the most diverse actress in Hollywood, if this tweet is any indication.

Milano put her acting range on full display Thursday night to her 3.7 million Twitter followers, kicking off a 22-tweet digital ambush no one can remember asking for.

Do we have a choice? No we do not.

The 47-year-old actress covers everything from the evils of Trump to MLB baseball to sympathizing with Boomers to policing to more Trump hate to the Washington R*dsk*ns to Cheez-Its to Breonna Taylor to babies in cages.


To Milano’s credit, these issues aren’t trivial and they need addressing, but Americans just don’t have the bandwidth to hear it from another pandering celebrity, one with seemingly dubious intentions.


Oh there it is. That’s what you want.

Milano’s shot at Rogan could be in response to a May 2019 podcast in which he mocked her for advocating for a “sex strike” to protest strict abortion laws.

Milano has every right to blast Rogan, this is the internet after all! She’s just gotta get her facts straight.

Her political podcast, appropriately named Sorry, Not Sorry, does not come close to even one-third of the viewers Rogan has. According to RT, Rogan’s show has 9.1 million subscribers and a 4.5 rating based on around 163,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts, while Milano’s has a 3.5 rating based on about 2,700 reviews. It ranks in the 5.700 range in podcast rankings, via Chartable.


…and what’s wrong with that, Brian? You homophobe.

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