Musicians Spend Quarantine Playing Hit Songs On Appliances And The Results Are Too Good

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TikTok / @kurtschneider

How did you spend all your spare time during quarantine?

Do anything fun? Did you shave off a 10-year-old beard? Learn any good chicken hacks? Make some insane cocktails?

Musician Kurt Schneider spent his time sequestered learning to play songs on household appliances.

Schneider’s idea started off innocently. He’s always been a fan of using random things around the house to make music.

“I’ve produced tracks with cellphones, Coke bottles, and I even made a song using only a potato,” he told BuzzFeed.

With the help of a friend and fellow musician Jason Pitts, the duo learned to play the Harry Potter theme on a washer and dryer and posted the results to TikTok.

“If you think this wasn’t a waste of 5 hours smack that ‘+’” he wrote on the TikTok upload.


If you think this wasn’t a waste of 5 hours smack that ‘+’ 😂 @electricjason #harrypotter #washingmachine

♬ original sound – kurtschneider

People loved the video, so the pair decided to make more.

The next song attempt was “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd on Kurt’s microwave.


Popcorn cooking life hack 😎 maybe it needed another minute… @electricjason #blindinglights #theweeknd

♬ original sound – kurtschneider

Disney fans will recognize this banger of a door code.


The neighbors actually can’t get in their apartments now… #pirate #music #door #piratesofthecaribbean

♬ original sound – kurtschneider

Schneider even managed to make the annoying oven door squeak into “Yeah” by Usher.

And this song is straight money (machines).


Would you hire him as a cashier? w/ @ni.co_official @electricjason #sayso #acousticcovers #dojacat

♬ original sound – kurtschneider

Check out all the musical appliances on Kurt’s TikTok account.

[via BuzzFeed]


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