Artie Lange Gets A Second Chance After Arrested For Violating His Drug Probation In May

Artie Lange gets second chance after he was released from Essex County jail, moved to new drug rehabilitation program

Getty Image / Bobby Bank / Contributor

Artie Lange is getting a second chance after being arrested in May.

Artie was arrested by the Essex County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey on May 21, 2019. The 51-year-old comedian was found in violation of his probation while completing his drug court program. Lange will be allowed to continue his drug court probation despite being arrested for violating terms of his probation.

Lange was arrested at the Freedom House, the halfway house where the comedian was staying. The Essex County Sheriff’s Office said that Lange was sober and “coherent” at the time of his arrest.

The Essex County Sheriff’s Office did not reveal how Lange violated his probation terms. But the police department said that Artie was not caught with heroin.

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“Lange is non-compliant,” according to Radar Online. “Consequently, he will be taken into custody by officers from the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. He will be returned to the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark.”

Lange was arrested on heroin possession charges in 2017, where he had 81 decks of heroin on him. He received probation for four years, which he has violated twice before this arrest. As part of his probation, the court ordered him to attend a six-month drug treatment and rehabilitation program and he needed to participate in local jobs.

The former Howard Stern Show sidekick was spotted on video working as a garbage man and pumping gas in New Jersey. Artie’s official Twitter account shared videos of the comedian working. “I gotta pump gas. I’ll be back on stage soon though, I promise,” Lange said.

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The Katherine Carter, spokeswoman for the Essex County Prosecutor’s office, said it was releasing Lange from jail after 21 days to a new rehabilitation program.

In February, Lange tested positive for cocaine for the second time in a two-week period, despite being on probation.

Lange was the sidekick on The Howard Stern Show until December 2009 when he was fired for appearing on the radio show wasted and falling asleep during the broadcast.

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