Bam Margera’s Skating Again And He Looks Great After Getting Sober And Healthy

There was a time when former pro skater and MTV star Bam Margera had hit rock bottom. After the loss of his best friend coupled with years in the spotlight, Bam Margera had lost his way.

Bam got knocked out in Iceland. He was caught pissing on the street and getting arrested for it in Europe. Bam Margera had legitimately hit rock bottom.

Over the past year or so, Bam’s been on the rise. He’s finally been able to get healthy again after overcoming alcoholism and bulimia. In this latest clip of Bam’s quasi-reintroduction to the world as a healthy/functional member of society, we see the once great pro skater getting back on a skateboard. He’s skating throughout Europe and getting his life back in order.

The only reactions I have to this video are 1) it’s great to see Bam Margera’s turned his life around, 2) God bless whoever put the Rocky song over this track, and 3) I can’t help but wonder why Bam’s spending all of his time in Europe. Maybe he’s trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and his demons/bad influences, or maybe he just likes being somewhere that he isn’t immediately recognized as a celebrity. Whatever the case may be, this new life looks like it’s working for Bam Margera.

[via JENKEM Magazine]

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