Watch This 47-Year-Old Guy Push A Car For A Mile And Set A New Guinness World Record

It seems like every day, a new world record is being set by a wide range of people.

This 71-year-old set four powerlifting records in one day. This 41-year-old did the most Murph workouts in 24 hours. Then there’s the weightlifter who did 76 reps on the bench press, underwater, before coming up for air.

Maybe quarantine and self-isolation have left people bored with nothing to do but test their own limits.

Jussi Kallioniemi, a 47-year-old IT professional from Finland, wanted to test his limits by pushing a car one mile in the fastest amount of time.

“People often tell me that I don’t look like a strongman – and I’m not one,” Kallioniemi told Motor1. Because Kallioniemi is just a regular guy and not a strongman competitor, he made a few modifications to the car to make the push a little less taxing.

Kallioniemi fitted the ride with non-studded, low-resistance winter tires to make it move more smoothly on the track.

Kallioniemi pushed the Saab 97-X around the course for one mile in a time of 13 minutes 26 seconds to set the new Guinness World Record.

“Succeeding in the world record gives me a boost of energy and enjoyment,” Kallioniemi told Motor1. “I feel like the final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.”

[via Motor1]