Chad Johnson Continues Being The Charitable GOAT, Leaves Obscene Tip On $37 Restaurant Bill To Help With Pandemic Fallout

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

How many charitable acts does Chad Johnson need to commit before he becomes canonized? I mean, sheesh…

  • Johnson sends $1,000 to fan’s Venmo after he falls into a negative bank balance.
  • Johnson pays rent of a random stranger facing eviction.
  • Johnson leaves obscenely large tips to various restaurants, adding funny notes to them before posting them on social media.

This man is a national treasure, and he just added another philanthropic deed to his resume.

“Congrats on reopening, sorry about the pandemic, hope this helps. I love you,” Johnson wrote on the receipt.

For the math inept, a $1,000 tip on a 37.40 bill is a 2,680% tip. And can you believe there are people up-in-arms over a five percent COVID-19 surcharge?

Ochocinco out here winning over his haters.

Kings stay kings.