Derek Fisher Just Proposed To Matt Barnes’ Ex-Wife, Barnes Responds

by 2 years ago

I thought the day would never come. I never thought we’d live in a world where Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher could coexist, given their history.

Barnes drove 95 miles to physically attack Derek Fisher in 2015 upon learning that his former teammate was dating his estranged wife. Barnes then texted a friend detailing his account of the incident, saying “I kicked his ass from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face.” Fisher and Barnes sparred constantly in the media, resulting in a wildly disrespectful Instagram post Derek posted on Mother’s Day of Gloria with Barnes’ kids. And then there was last year when Fisher drunkenly totaled Barnes’ 2015 white Cadillac that Barnes reportedly had given to Gloria specifically “for the kids.”

Well, as TMZ reports, the 43-year-old Fisher popped the question to Gloria a couple weeks back during a small gathering at their Los Angeles-area home. Fisher even had Gloria’s friends take her out during the day so he could decorate the house with candles and flower petals.

You may have expected Barnes to drive to Los Angeles to rip Fisher’s finger nails off one by one, but instead he was totally cool about it…

If Matt Barnes can make amends with his long-standing enemy, I can call up Brad Dennison and apologize to him for stuffing him in a locker sophomore year…


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