Here Are Some Astonishing Facts About Farts Including How Much Gas The World Passes Each Day

farting facts


Farting is a part of daily life and we’ve all got an amazing fart story. Maybe not ones that involve iconic wrestlers or farts so amazing they stop live weather reports but passing gas is a part of being human.

So why do some many people freak out about farting?

It’s Okay To Be Smart explains in this video that “farting is hilarious and gross and everyone is doing it so why can’t we talk about the science of it?!” And they do, laying down some insane facts about the air coming from down there.

Like did you know some animals use farts as self-defense? Or that the combined farts of all humans in one day equals 7 billion liters of human IN ONE DAY.

Passing gas is natural and here’s how it works.

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