The Plot Of The Final 2 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episodes Apparently Leaked That Spoil The Ending And Oh Boy!

game of thrones ending leak and spoiler


There are only two Game of Thrones left until it is gone forever. HBO has gone to great lengths to protect against video and plot leaks, but it appears that both have happened. The leaks provide explicit details on how Game of Thrones will end and who will sit on the Iron Throne when the show comes to a close.

You should really stop reading now if you don’t want to read potential spoilers on how Game of Thrones ends. The Lord of Light reincarnates Ser Pounce as the Night King and he kills everyone with cuteness and sits in a cardboard box next to the Iron Throne. Okay, maybe not, but keep reading if you want to find out how Game of Thrones might actually end.

There are so many questions left heading into the final two episodes and 158 minutes of GoT. The Game of Thrones subreddit /r/freefolk posted two days ago with a list of spoilers from different leakers for Episode 4, 5 and 6 of Season 8. Their predictions for Episode 4 looked to be dead-on, making the predictions for the final two episodes scary possible.

Nine months ago, there were spoilers posted that nailed some major plotlines. The alleged post from nine months ago revealed that The Mountain would behead Missandrei, “they have these shards they’re using to kill everything undead,” and the zombie ice dragon had a broken jaw and couldn’t breathe fire correctly.

Another post forewarned about Rhaegal getting shot down by Euron’s fleet, Jaime betraying the North, Missandrei getting captured and killed and Sansa telling Tyrion about Jon’s parentage and he then tells Varys.

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These Game of Thrones predictions don’t just stop at Episode 4, they give details as what is to come in Episode 5 and 6. Last chance to bail out and avoid having Game of Thrones spoiled forever. Apparently, Daenerys Targaryen’s army captures Jaime, Varys betrays Dany because he thinks Jon would be a better leader and then the Dragon Queen has Varys executed for his betrayal.

“Dany attacks King’s Landing and it’s a one-sided hell,” Grey Worm and the Unsullied are hell-bent on getting revenge so they ravage the city and its people. Tyrion begs Dany to show mercy but she refuses so Tyrion repays his brother by setting him free. Tyrion tells Jaime to save Cersei by fleeing from King’s Landing before the fiery attack. Jaime kills Euron Greyjoy, but he is mortally wounded during the fight. Jaime, Cersei and their unborn baby all die together in the Last War.

Clegane Bowl finally happens, but both behemoth brothers die. Daenerys Targaryen becomes the “Mad Queen” and burns down King’s Landing and destroys Euron’s Iron Fleet with the help of Drogon.

Tyrion and Sansa begin to collude together to get Jon against Daenerys. Tyrion warns Jon Snow about how he and his family will never be safe from Dany because she knows that he could legitimately take away the Iron Throne from her.

Dany arrests Tyrion and is supposed to be executed for freeing Jaime. Dany is already executing everyone in King’s Landing, so Jon attempts to talk some sense into Dany, but “she justifies her actions.” “Jon pledges himself to her, but then stabs her, then surrenders himself.”

“Sansa will betray Tyrion in the end after promising they rule together but she keeps it all to herself. Two possible outcomes for Jon: he either goes to start a new nights watch or he ends up dying,” the spoiler says.

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Eight months ago, Game of Thrones leaker extraordinaire Frikidoctor promised that Season 8 will show that Gendry will be the head of House Baratheon, Jaime dies, Yara survives to be the head of House Greyjoy, and that all of Dany’s dragons will die. He also said that Jon Snow will not be the new Night King.

“Tyrion is a traitor and will be judged” at a trial held in the Dragonpit and “is the most important plot twist.” Tyrion is sentenced to death despite not knowing what crimes he committed. Ser Davos is at the trial but he is not wearing the Hand of the King pin. There will also be two new characters at Tyrion’s trial, “a man wearing golden clothes (likely a Dornishman) and an older short bearded one dressed in green.”

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Three days ago, there was a The Walking Dead fan who came across some GoT spoilers that seem accurate since some of them already happened in Episode 4. “Something happens to make the Unsullied go bat shit crazy. They rampage kill men, women, and children. Might be related to Missandei,” the spoiler said.

This leak seems to confirm the other leaks: “Tyrion is arrested on Dany’s command but does not know his fate at this point. Though he wasn’t seen again after this event from the source.”

The leaks claim that Cersei will die, but not sure if it was by Jaime or Arya appearing to be Jaime. Dany turns “Mad King” evil and “the actual ending is bittersweet.”

“When asked if Jon kills Dany and the Iron Throne is destroyed,” the “source said that it was the closest anyone has guessed.” The leaks also revealed that Bronn would “play a pertinent role.”

Dorne and House Dalt will also be participating in the Battle of King’s Landing.

There you have it, no need to bother watching the final two Game of Thrones episodes, you already know the ending. Unless HBO put out these leaks as an effort to misguide viewers. Guess we will have to check out the final two Game of Thrones episodes.

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