Arya Will Use Her Many-Faced God Powers To Kill The Night King According To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theory

Arya Stark Faceless Disguise Battle of Winterfell Game of Thrones


We’re only days away from the huge 82-minute-long Game of Thrones episode where the Battle of Winterfell finally goes down. But the questions that are being asked is “How can the Night King and his massive Army of Dead be defeated?” According to a Game of Thrones fan theory, it will be Arya Stark to save the day.

During the Episode 2 of Season 8, the high members of the Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen alliance gathered to discuss strategies to defeat the Night King and his undead military. During the war council scene, Jon Snow said this of the undead army, “We can’t beat them in a straight fight. The Night King made them all, they follow his command, if he falls, gettin’ to him maybe be our best chance.”

Arya, who was present during the pre-war meeting, may have taken what Jon said and devised a way to kill the Night King. We already know that Arya asked her new lover Gendry to create a mysterious weapon that has a dragonglass tip (Read what that weapon could be HERE).

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We also know that Arya went to Gendry to ask him what the wights and White Walkers are like. She asks, “What do they look like, what do they smell like, how do they move, how hard are they to kill?” Then Gendry responds, “You want to know what they’re like… they’re like death.”

“I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one,” Arya says as she throws three dragonglass daggers with pinpoint accuracy that had Gendry creaming his shorts.

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So will Arya Stark put the Night King on her famous kill list? The Night King is always surrounded by hordes of zombie-like wights as well as his trusted White Walker generals. But what if Arya has a plan to use her Many-Faced God powers to infiltrate the ranks of the Army of the Dead to get close enough to assassinate the Night King? This fan theory explains why Arya was so intrigued by what the White Walkers and wights looked like.

Bran AKA the Three-Eyed Raven seemed to have plenty of reasons to give Arya the Catspaw Dagger, which is made of Valryian steel. Arya’s new multi-functional weapon is made of dragonglass and might be coupled with the Valryian steel dagger, possibly the only two materials would be molded into a spear that can kill the Night King.

Maybe Bran used his greensight to see that Arya could have a chance at assassinating the Night King. Maybe the dragonglass, which appears to be detachable, would be thrust into the Night King’s chest to kill him in the same way he was created by the Children of the Forest.

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Could Arya steal the face of a wight or White Walker to gain access to the Night King? Then kill the undead leader, rendering the Army of Dead useless. If you remember to Episode 6 of Season 7 titled “Beyond The Wall,” Jon Snow killed a White Walker with the Long Claw sword that has a Valyrian steel blade and not only did it turn the White Walker into ice cubes, but it also ended the magic that reanimated the dead wights and they were instantly killed again.

Do you think that Jaqen H’gar trained Arya for that long so that she could simply walk away from the Faceless Men? Could he know that winter is coming and wants the religion of the Faceless God to live on and he knows that the zombie army could wipe out all of humanity? Maybe that is why he smirks and puts up zero fight as she says she is going back home to Winterfell? Was her indoctrination into the Faceless Men a way to train her to be a faceless assassin to take down the biggest threat to Westeros and Essos ever?

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There are other Game of Thrones fan theories that suggest that it will be Jaime Lannister who kills the Night King, then Arya uses his face to murder Cersei. This would make sense in the way that it is how Cersei was told she would die. When Cersei was young, she visited the fortune teller named Maggy the Frog.

The soothsaying witch told Cersei her future, which included her premature death by the valonqar, which translated from High Valyrian means “little brother.” While Cersei always believed it would be Tyrion as the little brother that murders her, it could be Arya appearing as Jaime that kills her. Jaime was born seconds after Cersei, making him a younger brother.

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But then again, Arya’s assassination plot on the Night King could be a suicide mission because George R.R. Martin isn’t shy about having beloved GoT characters getting taken out when you least expect it. Maybe Arya dies in the Battle of Winterfell and this is why she is seen as a young woman in her statue in the Crypts. She is holding her sword Needle in the Season 8 promo, possibly meaning she dies in combat in defense of Winterfell. You can read many more Game of Thrones fan theories HERE.

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