New Jersey Fishermen Freak TF Out When A Great White Shark The Size Of A Whale Pops Up Next To The Boat

It’s Shark SZN™ in The Northeast. The area around Cape Cod probably has the highest concentration of Great White Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean (probably in the world) during the Summer months in America which means the surrounding areas get a lot of shark traffic as those gigantic great whites migrate there.

Some New Jersey fishermen were treated to a jaw-dropping moment when a Great White shark the size of a Volkswagen Bus popped up next to the boat. They shared video of the encounter on Facebook which has been watched over 350K times since Monday.

The New York Post shared this story with one of the most memorable ledes of the Summer:

Jeff Crilly was out on his boat the “Big Nutz Required II” with some pals Monday when a great white shark swam up to the stem of the boat and grabbed a bag of chum, in a tale reminiscent of the 1976 blockbuster “Jaws.”

The encounter with this dinosaur took place around 30-miles off the coast of Point Pleasant, New Jersey which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from New York City. I’ve included the video from Facebook and YouTube so you can choose your preferred medium:

Here’s the same video but shared on YouTube if you’d prefer that format over Facebook:

Crilly told the Asbury Park Press “We’ve fished for sharks a lot and never seen anything like that. We were amazed by how big it was.”

Estimates put this Great White Shark at roughly half the length of his 31-foot Bertram boat and weighing somewhere in the vicinity of 2,000-pounds which is about as big of a Great White Shark as you’ll find anywhere in the world.

As the temperatures warm up and down the Left and Right coasts of America, the sharks show up in numbers. Last week, Capt. Nick Stanczyk caught this Bigeye Thresher Shark down in the Florida Keys that looks like an alien. In Florida, this woman was surrounded by a circling shark without having any idea what was happening. This MASSIVE Tiger Shark was found dead on the beaches of Hilton Head with its jaws and stomach removed. And down in Australia, surfers refused to abandon the waves even after 50 bull sharks were spotted in the water and the beach was closed.