Video Shows Shark Circling Woman As She Races To Swim To Shore After Crowd Screams To Warn Her

Video shows shark circling woman swimming at Panama City Beach

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In what looks like a scene from Jaws, a swimmer found out she was only feet away from a large shark after crowds of people screamed to warn the woman her proximity to the potentially dangerous animal.

We take you to Panama City, Florida, where a woman was enjoying an invigorating swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Unbeknownst to her, there was a big shark pursuing her. Video taken by Stan Battles from the 28th-floor balcony at Tidewater Resort shows a large dark object in the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

At one point, the swimmer was swimming right next to the shark and the woman had no idea. The shark passed the woman, but then circled back around. Halfway through the video, onlookers on the beach notice the shark and try to warn the woman by screaming, “SHARK!”

The woman finally realizes that she is having a close encounter with a shark and races back to the shore. The shark seemed much more curious than ready to snack on the woman. The video has gone viral and been viewed millions of times on social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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There was another two shark sightings in the Gulf of Mexico last week. There was a hammerhead shark floundering on the shores of Panama City Beach. The distressed shark did not survive. And another sighting at Anna Marie Island near Tampa, Florida. A hammerhead shark, which are generally harmless to humans, was seen circling a boat.

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In April, a 16-foot-long great white shark circled a boat off Summerland Key in the Lower Keys. Then the mighty beast started to chomp on the net of chum on the side of the boat. That encounter was followed by another shark sighting only a few days later.

The Orlando Sentinel posted a map of recent shark sightings in Florida that was created by OCEARCH, a nonprofit group that tags and tracks sharks.

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This isn’t the first time oblivious swimmers were feet away from sharks. Drone footage caught a huge shark near the shore of Miami in 2017. In 2018 there was a small boy swimming very close to several sharks in the Bahamas. Then there was a shark chasing after a swimmer off Bondi Beach in Australia.

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