Cage Diver Captures Terrifying Photo Of Great White Shark That Is Stunning Replica Of Iconic ‘Jaws’ Movie Poster

cage diver captures real life great white shark copying iconic jaws movie poster


It was only a few weeks ago that a cage diver took one of the most terrifying photos of a shark of all-time. Today we are lucky enough to see another incredible shark photo from a cage diver, this picture perfectly recreates the iconic Jaws movie poster, but it is with a real great white shark that looks so majestic and at the same time so very imposing.

The shark movie Jaws was released on June 20, 1975, and 44 years later it appears that life is imitating art. Cage diver and underwater nature photographer Euan Rannachan was able to capture the moment a real-life great white shark displayed its best Jaws impression.

Rannachan was diving off the west coast of Mexico when he spotted a beautiful 17-foot-long great white shark. The glorious predator was darting towards the surface of the water. The sea beast aligned itself in the same upward position as the menacing shark from the poster for Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic horror movie. The shark in the photo bares its jagged, razor-sharp teeth for the camera just like in the poster. Rannachan was able to snap such great detail because he was only a few feet away from the huge shark.

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“The shark in my image is a female and her name is Squirrel,” < Rannachan says because the first thing you think of when you see this 17-foot-long monster is a squirrel. "We'd been with her for a while. We have these people on the boat called shark wranglers and they throw these two-foot chunks of tuna to get the shark close to the surface."

"A guy named Crazy Luis stood up on the boat to bring the shark to us when we sit on the surface in the shark cage," the 32-year-old British professional photographer explains. "Sometimes when the wranglers play with the sharks, the sharks get pissed off and dive down under the boat and the bait so they can come rocketing up and get it. That's exactly what Squirrel was doing here, she was fed up probably messing around on the surface and dived back down under the boat. It was really deep there but the water clarity was amazing." Thankfully there were no naked swimmers on the surface of the water above the shark like in the movie poster.

Even Spielberg's film and production company, Amblin Entertainment, couldn't help but to share the spectacular photo that looks exactly like the movie poster.

The original artwork for the Jaws movie poster was created by artist Roger Kastel, which was taken from the cover art of Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name.

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Rannachan, who is from London, England, is known for his incredible underwater photography of nature and especially arresting yet scary photos of sharks.

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Rannachan has a degree in Traditional Illustrations from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He doesn’t just take underwater photographs, he also specializes in corporate campaigns for Clorox and of course for the San Jose Sharks. You can see more of his amazing work on his Instagram and his website Euanart.

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